12 Tips to extend your flower’s life

  1. Start with a freshly cleaned vase
    Flowers hate bacteria, which can make them deteriorate much quicker. The first secret to extending their lives is to thoroughly clean your vase, making sure there is no harmful bacteria or mold that could help the flowers.
  2. Cut the flowers’ stems at least one inch, and at a 45 degree angle before you start your arrangement
    This ensures each flower has the ability to drink water, and prevents the bottom of the stem from being flat against a surface, which would block it from drinking water. Make sure to use gardening clippers, or a sharp knife so you don’t damage the stems. Remember to place the stems in water almost immediately after cutting them since they start to dry up, and thus absorb less water as soon as you cut them. When you buy your flowers you can keep them out of water for up to two hours if you make sure not to skip this step!
  3. Cold is good, and more is more!
    Always make sure to fill the vase you are using with fresh, cold water. You want to make sure you have filled at least half the vase, so the flowers have plenty to drink. The colder the water the better – you can even add ice cubes to help your flowers stay fresh longer.
  4. Remove any leaves that would be submerged under water in the vase
    Any leaves that touch the water will rot very quickly, and make the water moldy and a party for bacteria. Every time you change the water, make sure none of the leaves are touching the water.
  5. After a few days, you can trim the stems
    By cutting the stems a little bit more, you ensure the flowers are drinking as much water as possible. Again, remember to cut the stems at an angle, like the first time!
  6. Feed your flowers
    Our flowers always come with special flower food, that help them live longer. However, if you lost the package or would like to add more food after a few days, there are many easy flower food recipes using household items. Here is one we like: for every quart of water mix 2 crushed aspirins, 1 teaspoon of sugar, a few drops of bleach or vodka (which will help curb the growth of bacteria). Another easy one: for 1 quart water use 1 teaspoon bleach, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar.
  7. Vodka – the magic drink
    Who knew flowers liked alcohol? Many claim that adding a few drops of vodka and a little bit of sugar helps minimize bacteria, while providing nourishment to your flowers. Just be careful – you don’t want to get them drunk.
  8. Change water often
    As previously mentioned, flowers don’t do well with bacteria, and stagnant water is a great place for bacteria to accumulate. Changing your flower’s water daily, or every couple of days is the best way to keep them healthy. You can use this opportunity to trim the stems.
  9. Remove any dead flowers from the arrangement as soon as you see them
    Not only do they look like an eyesore in the middle of your arrangement, they can actually spread bacteria that will kill the rest of your flowers quicker.
  10. Keep your arrangements in cool dry places
    It sounds counterintuitive to say to keep plants away from direct sunlight or windowsills, however fresh cut flowers will last much longer if kept away from direct sunlight and heat. Sunlight contributes to bacteria growth, which we know we want to limit.
  11. Use an opaque vase if possible
    Glass vases are beautiful, but again allow the sunlight to penetrate easier, thus growing bacteria. If you have a nice ceramic, porcelain, or other opaque vase your flowers will thank you and stay healthier longer!
  12. Most importantly – start with fresh, strong flowers
    At Growers 2 Home, we pride ourselves in importing and distributing the freshest flowers from our farms to your home. This is the key element, as starting with fresh strong flowers will be key to having them last the longest in their best state.


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